GGS Information Services Seaport-e Contract Details

GGS possesses a wide range of Engineering Services, Technical Publications and Technical Data Management experience and expertise. GGS Information Services (GGS), an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is the world’s largest privately-held global supplier of technical information. GGS is recognized as a leading provider of technical information management, IETM/IETP solutions, database management systems, and engineering services for large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the aerospace (S1000D), defense, heavy equipment, mining, agricultural, and transportation industries.


Seaport-e contract number: N00178-16-D-8758

Task Orders received under this contract:  None at this time

Technical Instructions issued against any task order:  None at this time

Team Members and Capability & Area of Expertise;

            Team Member: GGS Information Services

            Zones: 1 and 3

            Type of Business: Small Business

            Functional Areas of Expertise:

Research and Development Support

System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

Configuration Management (CM) Support

Quality Assurance (QA) Support

Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and

Information Technology (IT) Support

Logistics Support

Supply and Provisioning Support

Training Support

Program Support

Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

List of team members last 3 years of experience: No task orders or technical instructions issued at this time.

Seaport e- Points of Contact:

Ken Wetzel

Sales Manager


Phone: 717-654-3418


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Quality Assurance Program

GGS has operated as an ISO-certified company since 1999, currently underneath the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Its business practices centralize around 28 ISO-certified Management Procedures (MPs), which allow GGS to provide the same level of exceptional service to its customers.


GGS continually improves its Quality Management System (QMS) by controlling the efficiency of processes through Lean Process Improvement and Six Sigma methodologies, which allows unwavering commitment to provide quality products and services that satisfy customers’ needs. GGS has employed these Lean Six Sigma methodologies into the daily operations in support of all customers.


The objective of GGS’ QA teams focuses to define all specifications in which the customer has deemed necessary to uphold the quality of the product within its operations. The teams adopt a tracking system to gather process input which is measured by reporting metrics tailored to these requirements. This allows the teams to analyze process inefficiencies as output is produced. When a sufficient amount of data is gathered, a baseline Sigma score is set to which the team strives to improve their process.


GGS’ departments maintain control of their system by training its team members using identified process inefficiencies through established metrics of Six Sigma. Departments within GGS have witnessed remediation in product recycle, improvement in production output, and reduction in quality deficient output. This leads to drastic improvements in process efficiency and results in higher Sigma scores.




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