CAE Services

CAE Services

GGS has expertise in all the market leading analysis software packages. Through our domain expertise and Center of Excellence, our teams deliver high-value design analysis and optimization services across industry verticals. Our CAE solutions are simulation-based domain solutions through a fully managed High Performance Computing (HPC) environment

The CAE portfolio covers strength & life estimation of components, NVH, performance prediction, crash, ride & handling, advanced CFD, and optimization. Our core competencies include:

I. Finite Element Analysis
     • Static and dynamic stress analysis of components, subsystems, and systems under various service loads, non-linear FEM solutions.

Through FEA we determine and address critical design issues, such as fatigue life, strength, and material selection. Utilizing virtual techniques such as 3D simulations of robotic and human operations, we test pre-production models to assure "manufacturability".

II. Optimization
     • Design optimizations to maximize performance and minimize product cost.
     • Multi discipline optimization.

III. Meshing Services
     • Quality meshing services to engineering components and assemblies.
     • Brick meshing, tetra meshing, and shell meshing.
     • Full vehicle FE model preparation.

IV. Thermal Analysis
     • Hot forming and cold forming.
     • Sheet metal components, assemblies, and fabrication.
     • Thermal insulation and protection.

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