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DocuScan USA partners with a wide variety of customers having a need for modern document management solutions. We offer document scanning, imaging, archiving, and retrieval software and systems that provide unmatched records retention and efficiency, as well as built-in security features.

Document information can be stored on compact, easy-to-use CDs, or reside on a centralized computer network. DocuScan USA also specializes in the electronic conversion of microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and standard documents, and our highly skilled imaging specialists can also work with older documents of historic or preservation value.

So that we can better train, equip and personally assist our growing base of customers, we service the educational, medical, legal, governmental, historic preservation and law enforcement fields.

DocuScan USA offers document management software and other powerful tools that are used daily by customers with high security and retrieval requirements, such as the FBI, CIA, and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Consider the benefits of the services available through DocuScan USA:

     • Eliminate your file cabinets and file rooms and put existing space to more productive use!
     • Locate archived records in seconds from your file server.
     • Store over 15,000 paper documents on one thin CD.
     • Use a single keyword to search your entire collection of documents - even photos and images!
     • Send important documents (such as standard office forms) anywhere - as an e-mail.
     • Share records with constituents or customers via the Internet, with our secure connection.
     • Eliminate the fear of catastrophic physical loss - due to fire, flood, theft, or tampering.


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