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Imagine transitioning your office from the old way of doing business to the way of the future - electronically based, easily filed and indexed, and quickly transmittable to anyone anywhere in the world. It's all possible, thanks to such methods as scanning and imaging, document management, and the ability to store vast volumes of documents and other files on CD disk or a computer network. Take a look below at the many options you can select for better utilizing your existing documents.

Aperture Card and Microfilm Scanning

Replace drawings stored on aperture cards with easily retrieved digital files. DocuScan offers the technical skill to capture and process large numbers of drawings into a variety of file formats. From the original aperture cards we can create files that include as much (or as little) of the original drawing detail as you need. We can place them on CD for future retrieval, convert them to vector files or supply them in Adobe Acrobat format for ease of viewing and cataloging.

Paper Document Conversion to PDF

Eliminate the problem of paper document distribution by exchanging documents in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. We can convert your documents to a format anyone can access, view, print and e-mail. Included in our service is free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. To find and retrieve drawings quickly and easily, we can also provide bookmarks and linking to create an interactive index. Another benefit of converting to PDF is the relatively small file size, due to excellent file compression.

Digital Drawing Prints in Multiple Sets

Reduce the cost and time of making sets of blueprints. Our high-volume digital output on plain paper gives you a cost-effective (and much better smelling!) alternative to blueprints. We work from digital files (raster or vector) or paper documents. We can even auto-reverse blueprint originals to create positive images. We only need access to originals for a brief initial period. Then we can save your new digital drawing files and job specs to permanent media, retrieving them to supply sets of drawings on demand.

Digital Image Archiving to CD-ROM

Save storage space and make images easier to retrieve with CD-ROM archiving. We can replace your paper and microfiche files with digital files. Your scanned documents or existing electronic files can then be permanently indexed and stored to a high capacity CD-ROM. With over 650Mb of storage space available, thousands of files can be saved to a single disk. All CD-ROMs produced are verified as ISO 9660 compliant, and back-up copies are maintained in a fireproof vault at our location to further insure against loss.

Document Scanning & Conversion to Word Processing (OCR)

Get all those documents into a format you can easily index, retrieve, edit and share. Documents in sizes up to 11x17" are scanned into standard image translation formats. These can be used as is in most Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems. Or have us OCR convert them to your favorite word processing format. We scan and index single- or double-sided documents in order so no further organization is necessary.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Discover the protection and time-saving benefits of switching to a paperless office. First, your filed documents are never more than a few clicks away. Second, no more leafing through file cabinets looking for a file someone borrowed and forgot to return! Third, you get built-in protection against disasters (fire, flood, hurricane, stuck file drawer) which can destroy your paper, microfiche or microfilm files. Duplication of electronic files is the fastest and least expensive method of document backup. Departmental file sharing increases work flow, and at the same time, adds file security so documents are only accessible to those who have rights to them.

Large Format Engineering Drawing Scans

Convert all your engineering drawings into archived EDM-ready raster images. We can provide raster file image capture of architectural and engineering size drawings to over 80 different image formats (including TIF, CALs, PCX, RLC, GIF and BMP, just to name a few). Deskewing and despeckling are standard on all scans. Raster files can be used for electronic storage or for later conversion into the CAD file format of your choice.

Raster Image Editing

If the additions or deletions to a drawing are minor, consider the alternative of raster image editing. New software makes it possible to modify raster images outside of CAD, in a Windows environment. This means objects can be moved, rotated, or deleted, and new information such as lines, circles, and text can be added. The modified drawing can then be saved back as a standard raster format, which can be printed to any printer that supports raster data (laser, inkjet, thermal, electrostatic) or stored for later conversion to CAD.

Spec Books and Product Manuals on CD-ROM

Create inexpensive digital Spec Books, indexed and ready to share. Stop photocopying and distributing all those expensive sets! Let us scan your Spec Books and convert them to PDF files. We can add bookmarks and hyperlinks to you index so they are easy to navigate. Then we write the Spec Book content to CD-ROM and furnish however many copies you need to distribute to bidders. Included in our service is free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

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